About Us

Welcome to the world of Enola Mae Atelier! 

The atelier is the dream wardrobe of Enola Mae, my pinup alter ego brought to life. Enola Mae is beautiful, vivacious, timeless with a can-do attitude topped off with a good red lipstick. But whatever colour of lipstick that goes with our current mood is perfection.  Vintage style on our own terms, because it brings joy. 

Handcrafted in the heart of Richland, Washington, made just for YOU. Because you deserve beautiful, timeless and heirloom quality clothes that fit your body. 

I honestly started the atelier out of a need to stop scrolling mindlessly on social media at the beginning of the pandemic, something to do something for my mental health as a way to fill my days with a positive thing when everything was all doom and gloom. The next thing I knew, I was knitting sweaters for published pinups and the rest is history!  As a womxn, I know the struggle all too well of loving how my body looks in clothing. At one point in recent years, I was pushing 200lbs and nothing in stores was fitting me in a way that made me feel beautiful. Half of me was in misses sizes, the other half was in plus sizes.  To this day and 40lbs less, I still don't enjoy shopping for clothes in shops due to the inconsistency in sizing. 

My hope with Enola Mae Atelier is to give you a place with size inclusive, consistent sizing and inseams so you can have that dream wardrobe of beautiful clothing that you love to wear.